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WHMIS Certificate

WHMIS training for a safer workplace.

  • 3 hours
  • 149 Canadian dollars
  • Online session

Course Outline

1. Introduction to WHMIS • Overview of WHMIS regulations and its importance in workplace safety • Legal obligations and responsibilities under WHMIS 2. Hazardous Products Classification • Understanding the criteria for classifying hazardous products • Different hazard classes and categories 3. WHMIS Symbols and Labels • Interpretation of WHMIS symbols and pictograms • Importance of accurate labelling for hazardous products 4. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) • Purpose and content of Safety Data Sheets • Retrieving and interpreting information from SDS 5. Responsibilities of Employers and Employees • Employer obligations in providing WHMIS training and information • Employee responsibilities for safe handling and use of hazardous materials 6. Hazard Communication • Effective communication of hazards in the workplace • Strategies for promoting awareness and understanding 7. Emergency Procedures • Response protocols in case of exposure or spills • Evacuation procedures and emergency contacts 8. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Selection and proper use of PPE for handling hazardous materials • Training on the limitations and maintenance of PPE 9. Hazardous Materials Storage and Handling • Safe storage practices for hazardous products • Proper handling techniques to minimize risks 10. WHMIS Training Updates • Staying informed about changes in regulations and product classifications • Regular refresher training and ongoing education 11. Workplace Inspections and Reporting • Conducting regular inspections for potential hazards • Reporting and addressing unsafe conditions related to hazardous materials 12. Practical Exercises and Scenarios • Simulated scenarios to apply WHMIS knowledge in real-world situations • Hands-on exercises for proper handling and response procedures 13. Evaluation and Certification • Assessment of participant understanding through quizzes and practical evaluations Certification: Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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