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Managing Personal Finance

Empower Your Finances: Mastering Personal Finance Management

  • 350 Canadian dollars
  • Online session

Course Outline

This training session is delivered in two, 3-hour workshops. 1. Introduction to Personal Finance • Overview of the importance of personal financial management • Setting financial goals and creating a roadmap for financial success 2. Budgeting Basics • Creating and maintaining a personal budget • Strategies for tracking income, expenses, and discretionary spending 3. Understanding Credit • Overview of credit scores and credit reports • Responsible use of credit and strategies for debt management 4. Savings and Investments • Importance of saving for short-term and long-term goals • Introduction to various investment options and risk considerations 5. Banking and Financial Institutions • Understanding different banking products and services • Choosing the right financial institution and managing accounts effectively 6. Tax Planning and Compliance • Basics of income tax, deductions, and tax credits • Strategies for tax planning and compliance with tax regulations 7. Insurance Planning • Overview of various insurance types (life, health, property) • Assessing insurance needs and selecting appropriate coverage 8. Retirement Planning • Importance of planning for retirement • Introduction to retirement savings vehicles and strategies 9. Estate Planning • Understanding the basics of wills, trusts, and estate planning • Ensuring smooth transfer of assets and minimizing taxes 10. Financial Goal Adjustments • Assessing and adjusting financial goals over time • Adapting to life changes and economic shifts 11. Financial Literacy and Education • Resources for staying informed about personal finance • Strategies for continuous financial education and empowerment 12. Practical Application and Case Studies • Applying personal finance principles to real-life scenarios • Analyzing case studies for effective financial decision-making 13. Assessment • Evaluating participant understanding through quizzes and assignments Certification: Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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