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Foundations of Workplace Mental Health

Nurturing Mental Health in the Workplace

  • 149 Canadian dollars
  • Online session

Course Outline

1. Introduction: This course serves as a comprehensive exploration into the foundational principles of promoting mental health within the workplace. Participants will embark on a journey to understand the critical intersections between mental well-being and professional environments. The course begins by examining the significance of fostering a mentally healthy workplace, addressing the impact on employee productivity, engagement, and overall organizational success. 2. Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace: Participants will delve into the fundamental concepts of mental health, gaining insights into common challenges and stressors encountered in professional settings. This module focuses on developing a nuanced understanding of mental health issues, reducing stigma, and fostering an inclusive and supportive work culture. 3. Creating a Positive Work Environment: This module explores strategies for cultivating a positive and psychologically safe workplace. Participants will learn the importance of leadership in shaping organizational culture, implementing effective communication practices, and establishing supportive policies that contribute to employee well-being. 4. Tools for Individual and Team Resilience: Practical tools for building resilience at both individual and team levels are covered in this module. Participants will acquire strategies for managing stress, fostering emotional intelligence, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. The module also addresses the role of teamwork and collaboration in creating a resilient and mentally healthy work environment. 5. Conclusion: "Foundations of Workplace Mental Health 101" is designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to champion mental health initiatives in the workplace. By understanding the foundations of mental health and implementing practical strategies, participants will be better prepared to contribute to the creation of a supportive and thriving professional environment. Certification: Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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