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Customer Service in a Changing Market

Adapting for Excellence: Navigating Customer Service in a Dynamic Market

  • 149 Canadian dollars
  • Online session

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Customer Service • Defining the importance of exceptional customer service • Understanding the impact of positive interactions on customer satisfaction 2. Effective Communication Skills • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques • Active listening and empathy in customer interactions 3. Customer Engagement Strategies • Building rapport and establishing a connection • Techniques for handling challenging or dissatisfied customers 4. Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution • Identifying customer issues and concerns • Implementing effective solutions and de-escalation methods 5. Product Knowledge and Expertise • In-depth understanding of products/services offered • Ability to provide accurate information and recommendations 6. Time Management and Efficiency • Prioritizing tasks to ensure timely service • Streamlining processes for enhanced productivity 7. Technology and Customer Service • Utilizing technology tools for efficient service delivery • Enhancing the customer experience through digital channels 8. Handling Customer Feedback • Receiving and responding to customer feedback • Implementing feedback for continuous improvement 9. Team Collaboration and Coordination • Fostering a collaborative environment among team members • Coordinating efforts to provide seamless service 10. Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Training • Recognizing and respecting cultural differences • Ensuring inclusivity and addressing diverse customer needs 11. Role-Playing and Simulation Exercises • Practical scenarios to apply customer service principles • Feedback sessions for continuous improvement 12. Evaluation and Certification • Assessing participant performance through quizzes and assessments Certification: Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Cancellation Policy

Any reservation or appointment can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the scheduled time without penalty or additional fees. This allows for flexibility and accommodates any unexpected changes in the schedule of the individual or organization making the reservation. However, any changes made within 48 hours of the scheduled time may incur a rescheduling fee or result in the reservation being forfeited. This policy aims to ensure that both parties have enough time to adjust their schedules accordingly and avoid any inconvenience or inconvenience.

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