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Cashier Training 101

Mastering the Register: Elevate Your Cashier Skills

  • 149 Canadian dollars
  • Online session

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Cashiering • Understanding the role and responsibilities of a cashier • Importance of accuracy and attention to detail in financial transactions 2. Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems • Electronic Cash Register – demos on operations, counting a float, counting back change, cashing out & balancing float • E“SQUARE” POS – Stay Safe Procedures, processing payments on SQUARE terminals, Tablets, Phones and Mobile payments • Proficient operation of the POS terminal • Handling transactions, voids, and refunds 3. Cash Handling Procedures • Electronic Cash Register – demos on operations, counting a float, counting back change, cashing out & balancing float • Proper counting and verifying of currency and coins • Balancing cash drawers and addressing discrepancies 4. Customer Service Skills • Effective communication with customers • Resolving customer queries and handling complaints professionally 5. Product Knowledge • Familiarity with the store’s products and pricing • Providing accurate information to customers 6. Payment Methods • Processing credit/debit card transactions securely • Understanding electronic payment systems 7. Check Handling and Verification • Procedures for accepting and verifying checks • Minimizing risks associated with check transactions 8. Security Measures • Recognizing and preventing fraudulent activities • Adhering to security protocols for the protection of cash and assets 9. Time Management and Efficiency • Handling transactions swiftly while maintaining accuracy • Managing queues and maintaining a smooth checkout process 10. End-of-Day Procedures • Closing out the cash register and preparing for the next shift • Reporting and documenting sales and financial transactions 11. Health and Safety Protocols • Adhering to hygiene and safety standards at the cashier station • Emergency procedures and evacuation plans 12. Role-Playing and Simulation Exercises • Practical scenarios to reinforce cashiering skills • Feedback sessions for continuous improvement 13. Evaluation and Certification • Assessing participant performance through quizzes and practical assessments Certification: Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Cancellation Policy

Any reservation or appointment can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the scheduled time without penalty or additional fees. This allows for flexibility and accommodates any unexpected changes in the schedule of the individual or organization making the reservation. However, any changes made within 48 hours of the scheduled time may incur a rescheduling fee or result in the reservation being forfeited. This policy aims to ensure that both parties have enough time to adjust their schedules accordingly and avoid any inconvenience or inconvenience.

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